21 May 2009

I'm On My Low Ride

In life, nothing is uncertain. At times you see yourself on a high and then the next you're down. You feel happy and the next you're a bit sad. Uncertainties, unpredictable situations = LIFE.

I am on my low ride lately, not on my lowest though. It just came up when I hardly thought about how am going to maneuver my career. Earlier, 'was on a high however things have changed just as I got that one single call from a colleague sharing a work related story. Hearing such, I got disappointed! I mean how could such a soul we've been discussing about wants to scrutinize us.

The whole scenario did make me think whether to grab the opportunity laid before us or not. It was actually my friend's persistent desire to include me the list and that's how I got my papers submitted.

I am now keeping my fingers crossed!

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