28 May 2009

For Nurses

I have been a nurse for almost four years now. I would have to say that becoming like one is tough because it's no joke to be dealing with people's lives. I just found myself at the end of my every shift tired and exhausted. Good thing I found refuge in my fellow nurses-turned friends. We always find time to unwind together especially when we all have same off days. Basically, it just feels good to connect with these people whom you know can best understand how you are feeling. Talking about connections with people in the same field, I found an awesome site named as Scrubs that best guides each nurse to good living. Scrubs site talks about a nurse's guide to a healthy lifestyle, how nurses can have fun, and also includes heart-warming and inspiring articles that can help boosts a nurse's morale. The article "Gratitude Walk" is one article that has become my favorite. It is stress reducing that I even practice it in the same way as the writer does. Whenever I go somewhere for a walk especially when I'm alone, I make it a point to think of the things or people I am grateful of. This so-called "Gratitude Walk" really makes me feel better. Nurses, you better check Scrubs out!


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