24 April 2009

Visiting Bluejaz Resort

Photo Credits: samalbeaches.com

Early this week, colleagues and I visited Bluejaz Resort and Waterpark in Samal Island. It was actually out of curiosity that I agreed to go with them for a visit. When we approached the beachfront, I was delighted to see the wonderful pool (as shown above). When we entered the resort itself, I was glad to see the water slides but dislike seeing too many plastic chairs around. Some areas are also under construction. The resort is not yet fully developed. However, I love the cottages in Fiji Style. The restaurant is also wonderfully designed. I just hope the next time I visit Bluejaz, I'd be able to appreciate more of its amenities- all fully operational.

1 comment:

Joel said...

wow...truly beautiful...this is the "Bluejaz" my nieces and newphews were poking on me to visit...of course including them hehehehe...nice one...