16 April 2009


My patience was really tested the last two months. I was trying to get hold of it, really. However, there's an instance where I felt it's way too much that I broke down and cry inside a chapel praying why such a fellow could ever hurt the family so much. As of this moment, things have become okay even if it meant not having to see my niece anytime I want to. However, I am a bit concerned about my previous entry about family matters. I bet I have written something indirectly offensive but I can't categorize it as a hate post though. What matters to me is I was able to express solely what is deemed to be expressed. I mean enough is enough. I have been too considerate many times but I can't let them pass in this haven of mine. I mean, this is what blogs are for - my freedom of expression. I just hope things will be brighter ahead for the family. I am keeping my fingers crossed and I hope everything turns out to be right.

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