03 April 2009

Today's Simple Joys!

* waking up from a sound sleep
* eating "bulad na pinikas" (dried fish) for breakfast. I missed having these!
* talking to my MOM over the phone for almost an hour
* being able to wiggle my hips and dance hearing those latest dance hits over the radio; made me realized I haven't exercised these days!
* spending some time online
* the "boarder" isn't around
* I have all the time to surf online
* I have all the time to rest before tonight's duty
* a gloomy weather counts!

Today is just one of those ordinary days when I feel am at my best!
Happy Friday everyone!

1 comment:

rem said...

Long delayed but as the old adage goes, "better late than never". Thank you for that one particular entry where my name was included (I was bold and self confident enough I guess to assume it was me hehehe). If it was me indeed, I was deeply honored. Coming from one of the people I personally admire and respect, I was humbled.