26 April 2009

Talking About Reliable Domains!

I gave birth to this blog last year and thank GOD it is still running until now. I am glad I made friends through the blogosphere who continuously support me here by just visiting my site. Too many times, I have been tempted to get a personal domain for this blog. However, I am still in search for a cheap yet reliable website hosting provider that could give me the best value for my money. I am glad and grateful that I found a site such at webhostinggeeks.com which allows me to browse on the most reliable web hosts for 2009. Reviews from the users can also be read on the site including their affordable rates. Webhostinggeeks also came up with a blog that allows users to share and exchange their web hosting ideas. I just hope I could finally get my own domain in the next few months and be able to make this blog more personal. If you're like me who's on the run of scouting for cheap reliable domains and web hosts, try visiting webhostinggeeks.com and you will surely find the answer. I better get going now. I still need to visit the top and most commented web hosts ever.

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