01 April 2009

Rewind: Last Saturday's Earth Hour

Too bad, wasn't able to participate on the observance of Earth Hour last Saturday! Something just happened in the house a few minutes before I supposedly turn off the lights. An hour before 8:30, I set my alarm to 8:25PM so I could be reminded when to turn off the electrical power. At exactly 8:20PM, I washed my hands and unconsciously turned the faucet off so tight while talking to our helper when I suddenly heard a "click". There I noticed that the faucet can no longer be closed and the water was just flowing incessantly. It did ruin my night! I can't just let the water ran steadily. Immediately, I went to check on our water meter and tried to shut off our water supply but failed because I got no idea where exactly is ours. I asked our neighbor if she knew a plumber or somebody who could fix it for us. Good thing, she told me where the plumber lives. After a few minutes, the plumber came and he checked on it. He shut off the water supply and replaced our faucet with its new gadget. It took almost an hour to finish the job since looking for a new gadget was very time consuming! I was a bit disappointed for not being able to participate on the said campaign. Tsk,Tsk,Tsk..

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