25 April 2009

My Pre-Birthday Treat

Since I am requesting for off days next week, I had my pre-birthday celebration last night spent with colleagues in a KTV Lounge. I thought it's going to rain heavily just like how it rained the other night. But God has been really good because after the drizzles, the sky became clear and we're able to pave our way to the KTV Lounge. Well, we spent the time singing our hearts out @ KL KTV Lounge just at the back of Chowking-Bajada. I found the place big enough to accomodate my more than 10 visitors. I got a VIP room and we spent the time singing while having fun with the tambourines. I ordered light drinks and RH plus some "pika"-"pika". Glad cos everybody seemed to be there even if some were at work. Our beloved nurse supervisor and our head nurse was also there attending my birthday treat which I hope did make them enjoy. I went home past 1:30 AM.

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