10 April 2009

My Holy Week

My Holy Week seems to be "unholy" for me and I plead guilty for it. I never had the chance to get off from work because it's too way impossible and I was in line for duty. I never even attended Holy Week services except for our own way of executing "The Way of the Cross" with my family on a Holy Thursday, which I think is not enough. I never even had the chance to repent, to reflect, and to pray much harder compared before.

With all these, I feel guilty. I really am guilty for not doing my obligations this Lenten Season. I even committed mistakes. I even hurt some people's feelings. I could have been silent, but I failed.

I know I am just a sinner and I know I am imperfect.
But GOD never ceases to Love, to Forgive, and to Understand Me.
These are the reasons why I never cease to love GOD too above all things!

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