30 April 2009

My Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday. I did not report for work because I requested for an off day on that day. Opted to spend it with my family. Supposedly, we're going to visit Eden Nature Park, however, the vehicle was in trouble a few minutes after we left. When it was a bit late and the fixing wasn't done yet, I canceled the trip. I was a bit dismayed because I had been wanting to have this getaway with the whole family. Later I came to understand that still, everything really happens for a reason. Should we still pushed through with the plan, guess we will be having a hard time finding an auto-mechanic who could fix the vehicle for us. Instead of going there, we just picked up the foods we ordered including the tasty lechon. Had dinner at home with the family. What's important is I spent the day with my family even if there's no grand celebration at all.


Keith said...

Happy Birthday! Here in the states it is still the 29th! I hoope your day was fun. I am looking forward to my trip soon to Jakarta. At 2000 km, it is too frar to see Davao, but I still will feel like the Pilipinas will be nearby

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Jessy Jessieca said...

Happy belated birthday!!

Marie said...

@ Keith: Thank You for greeting me on my bday.. :)

@ Jessy Jessieca: thanks for the bday greetings!:)