18 April 2009

My Birthday Plans

My birthday is coming up in less than two weeks. A few days back, I just can't help thinking how should I make my birthday memorable with family, friends, and some colleagues. I have tentative plans but it solely depends on my budget. Fortunately, I'd be off for work on that day. I even made special arrangements that I won't be working on the day prior and after my special day since I only want to spend it with my family (if they would be here). For my colleagues, I plan to hold an early birthday celebration with them in a KTV bar next week. I am still in the process of deciding whether to hold it in K1 or KL. I still need to check on their room rates. For my family, it's never gonna be costly for as long as we're together on that day. But I want a treat from my Dad (hahaha!). I want him to sponsor an Eden National Park Day Tour. Or if not, I could handle the expenses myself for as long as I will be with them on that day. For my bestest friends, it's going to be a late birthday celebration in early May. Two of my friends will also be celebrating their birthdays this late April and early May. Perhaps a triple birthday treat will do, aight? :) I just hope my plans will be realized. I want my birthday to be memorable as ever!:)

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