19 April 2009

I Learned My Lesson!

I was out last night with friends despite my having lack of sleep. We went to a bar in F. Torres St. I only had a few Margarita shots but surprisingly, I got tipsy right away. It seems like the world's turning around. I minimized turning my head and just went along with the conversation we had. It's a good thing we decided to go home after midnight. My lesson? I'd better get some good sleep the next time I go out with friends. I don't wanna have that whirling feeling again!

1 comment:

Dauphine said...

Ako pod ay malipong jud ko once I could not get enough sleep. Samot na kong moinom pod, so far wala pa intawn ko nahubog kay mahadlok ko moinom jud hehehe. Anyhow, as long as you had fun it does not matter. Saon grabe jud effect giingon sa akong lola sauna maong never jud ko maghubog hehehe...Enjoy your day!