13 April 2009

Gising 24 ORAS!

Yes, I survived the challenge! I survived being awake for 24 hours!
Last Easter Sunday, I was out attending the afternoon Easter Mass with a friend @ St. Jude Thaddeus Parish Church along Malvar Street. Since we both became hungry after mass, we ate with some friends @ KFC-Gaisano Mall. I hurried home since I'd be on a night shift duty that night. I tried to sleep but wasn't able to do so. I reported for work on a graveyard shift. I was a bit disappointed because a colleague was absent from work. I never had the chance to take a nap on my shift. When I logged off from work, I took the chance of my lab work-ups as part of our annual physical exam. It was 9:00AM when I left the hospital. I fulfilled my parent's errand thereafter. I spent too much time inside DBP bank waiting to be served. It took more than 2 hours before my number was called. Went home almost 1:00PM. Never slept when arrived home. We had our videoke session (with my sis) and it was past 5:00PM when I hit my bed.

Grabe, I couldn't believe I was awake that long!
La na napansin ang oras.
Better sleep na muna uli. :)

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