21 April 2009

Friends Hating Dads

Last night, two friends separately uttered their ill feelings against their dads. One friend was mad to her dad for a single act of rushing to our workplace, visited our service office and made some complaints. She was disappointed why he went there. I learned in a later conversation that she's not in good terms with her dad for many years. They lived in the same house but never cared to talk. She does her own thing and so does he. According to her, she already got used to it when she was in college.

Later that night, another friend shared her daddy's issue in the family. She mentioned that her dad was never there for them especially now that her mom has repeated admissions lately in the hospital. She shed tears when she shared about how hardened her dad's heart is for her mom. Based on her previous stories, she even said that her dad doesn't even care a thing for her, her mom, and her family.

With their stories, I got this thought that there must be reasons why their family seems to be that way and why their dads have hardened hearts. Their feelings might have been influenced by how their dads treat them too! Or perhaps their dads have shortcomings in the family making their families disunited.

Their stories made me thought about my dad. I knew my dad and I have some shortcomings in the family, however, He's still my dad and nothing can change that. I may have some unlikeable things about him but I still love him unconditionally.

I COULD NEVER HATE MY DAD. After all, He's meant to be a DAD for me.


Dauphine said...

Every family naa jud mga problema and their own reasons why it is to be reunited. I hope there is still time for them to reconcile maski naman dli magkabalikay at the least let go all the hurt feelings!

Vanniedosa said...

some people are just lucky to have great dads. i know i am.

anyway a tag for u marie!


DebbieDana said...

I respect your friends hating their dads, but on my part, I could never ever hate my own father inspite of his mistakes and imperfections.