10 April 2009

Family Matters: My Niece; Our Family Bonding

Yesterday, Holy Thursday, was the day when my 9-year old niece left the house to live with her mom who's been separated with my brother for more than two years already. For the record, it was my parents, whom she called Daddy and Mommy, who reared her from 0-5 years of age, and took care of her again when she was 8-9 years old. She recently completed her Grade 3 under my parents' care. Over those years where she was taken care of by my parents, it was my parents who supported her all the way while my brother was busy tending on his chance of pursuing another career who was still tirelessly supported by my father. However, things have happened so fast unexpectedly. Her mom took her away from us without giving my niece a chance to choose and decide where she's gonna stay. Certainly, it breaks our hearts apart knowing that my niece lived with us for many years, however, it was her mom's sole decision to assume the responsibility that my parents used to have. My brother was not even given the chance to decide because from the start even when they're still together, it was my niece's mom who appeared to be dominant. Before she left yesterday, my mother gave her a letter which I hope she would take a grasp of and understand.

On the lighter side, we had our family bonding yesterday after my duty. We went to Matina Shrine Hills and visited the Holy Infant of Prague Shrine. Flocks of people were there. As a family we had our own version of the Way of the Cross after we visited some Adoration Chapels inside the shrine's vicinity. After that visit, we headed to some places to eat, however, all the places we went through were closed for the holidays. We instead bought fruits and food stuffs to take with us at home.

I really had a great time with my family despite the absence of my bro and my niece who's not with us physically. It was one of those rarest moments shared!

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