25 April 2009

Dad's Silent Protest

I knew it. I knew that my Dad did protest with my going home late after the party and he just can't personally tell me that. I knew he'd tell Mom about it cos he wanted my Mom to talk to me in his behalf. True enough, Mom called up this morning asking me what time I was home and indirectly confronted me that I should not go home that late. I just said that I was the host of the said KTV night out and it would be embarassing to leave earlier than the visitors. I bet my dad including my mom was just worried because I wasn't even home before Dad left for his trip back home past 1:30AM. Well, mom's telling me not to go home late again.

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Jessy Jessieca said...

understand just how you feel. Have been there. Parents are just worried. Sometimes they forgotten how much we had grown up ;)