03 April 2009

Another Torres Night with Colleagues

Last night's duty was a bit light. I took the major responsibility in taking charge of the unit despite having to battle on those stuffy nose, itchy throat, and bouts of sneezes. When everything's done, we just sat and waited for the time to pass away chatting and having some fun. All of a sudden, I blurted asking my colleagues if we can have at least spend time unwinding along F. Torres Street. Without much further ado, we got an agreement - to visit Torres after duty. Endorsements seemed to be quick but ensuring that everything's being endorsed properly. After work, we headed to Torres Street where the fun was. There, we ate sooo much! We also got Margarita shots! I got home early in the morning, and mind you, I got a very blissful sleep!:)

Photocredits: Magickeys.com

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