29 March 2009

Sari-saring Thoughts!

It's Sunday afternoon now and I can feel the afternoon heat. The air coming out from the electric fan isn't just sufficient to take all the heat am feeling. Summer na jud! I am just blogging now. I have finished one hate post which I didn't publish yet. I am just hating somebody who's pestering our lives! On the lighter side, am glad I have gotten much rest during my off days. Today's the 4th day away from work. I should have been out of town but no one is available to be with me. Friends have their duties and some friends are not available. In short, I am just staying home. I did enjoy the comforts of home though. I watch TV, I listen to music, I blog, I eat - and all those stuffs! Tomorrow? Be back in the real world na. It would be duty time again times 5 days I guess. For sure it's gonna be one of those tiring days again at work! Oh, til here na muna. I'm going to take my afternoon nap pa.

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