04 March 2009

Top 5 Women Tag

I've been tagged by my friend Grace about my Top 5 Women. In fact, I got hooked to it because a tag like this rarely happens especially when it comes to your favorite peeps in the whole wide world. In this top 5 women tag, I chose persons whom I admired the most, someone influential, and someone strong enough to face LIFE.

Here's my top 5 women:

1. On top would definitely be my MOM. She's strong enough to face life's battles at work and at home. I would say that she's a good example to her colleagues in the profession because she managed to be a leader, an administrator until her retirement with only her best self, her credentials, and her leadership skills to show on. She's been plagued with intrigues, yet she managed to counteract them with humility. I knew her struggles, I knew what she went through, YET she never gave up! Those are the reasons why I love my Mom So Much!

2. My beloved Lola Urling who's no longer around in this world. I couldn't believed how she raised my dad and her other children (almost a dozen of them) and got them to become all professionals! I really saluted her for that.

3. Oprah Winfrey. I'm just amazed how she became one of the richest women alive in the world.

4. Kris Aquino. She's not the prettiest person in Philippine showbiz nor the most likeable because she got haters out there, but she really ticks the heart of the Filipinos. I just loved her being frank and her wits too! It's definitely not Kris Aquino is she's not "maarte". What could these haters do? Hehehe...

5. My friend RB (you know who you are). She's one person I look on to. She's intelligent and smart and "maprinsipyo" sa buhay. She got the drive to really pursue what she wanted. Right now she's doing a charitable work outside the country, away from family and friends even if it meant having to struggle and be satisfied with what's in there so she could survive. (To RB: hey,hope I make sense with this, lol).

The above-mentioned is the list of the top 5 women I greatly adored.
Now I am passing this tag to all my friends in the blog roll. :)

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