10 April 2009

To My Beloved Niece, This is For You . . .

On the day you were born, you've been tagged as God's precious little gift to the family. You have brought sunshine into our lives by simply just be around. With that, we nourished you with so much love, a greater love you deserved to have in this world.

However, trials did attack your family. There may be times you were drawn away from us especially away from your Dad because allegedly he was blamed for not doing his obligation as a father but HEAVEN KNOWS how much your Daddy and Mommy (my parents who happen to be your grandparents) did support you all the way in behalf of your own father who's still busy shaping his future so he would be more worthy enough solely FOR YOU.

Girl, I am hurting for you. I am hurting for you on how you've been reared during your supposedly formative years away from Daddy and Mommy, during those formative years where atittude and beliefs should have been formed.

Baby, we took all the risks for you. Your dad took all the major risks the most leaving him emotionally handicapped. The whole family is also hurting for taking all the risks.

The major culprit?
You knew ___. ___ is someone who directs your life, your dad's, and even US. Seriously, ___ made us suffer emotionally so much.

You may not understand it now, but I know you will... someday...

Pretty girl, I love you. It's not only me who loved you best! There's Tita A., there's Mommy and Daddy who loves you more than me (and I was never jealous because I love you so much too!), and of course, there's your Dad's undying love for you.

I love you so much girl no matter what happens, no matter what the future may bring.
I will always be your "darling tita" who will forever be around for you.

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