16 March 2009

Sleepless ME!

Today is Araw ng Dabaw. However, I couldn't feel its essence. I am just right here in front of this lappy connecting myself to the world. Yah, I am just killing my time surfing online. All I really want now is to close my eyes and get some sleep. Have been sleepless the past few hours. Only slept for two hours when I got home last night. I was just awakened with an irritating cry somewhere outside! This prevented me from getting some sleep early this morning. I should have gone out with friends last night so I could find myself drowsy and can never be bothered with any noise. However, wasn't able to grab myself an extra shirt for the said night out. Besides, I just felt tired last night.

Oh, I'd better get going. Gonna set my mood now for sleeping. I'd still be on duty tonight that's why I need this much needed sleep!

Happy Araw ng Dabaw everyone!

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