01 March 2009

Movie Time

After work yesterday, my friends and I went straight to the mall so we could watch "You Changed My Life", a John Lloyd-Sarah film. It's good that my sister tagged along with us so she could also get to watch it. As expected, theaters were jampacked with moviegoers wanting to grace the said film. In fact, we went inside earlier so we could find seats for us. After the movie, we're able to sit near the aisle comfortably.

The movie's good.:) I still am amazed with Sarah's sense of humor. And Lloydy? He's really handsome! Hats off for him for having a good face value. His acting skills did impress me too! How could one with a pretty face acts so good? Whoa, all good things are rolled into just one John Lloyd. Halata na ba na Lloydy fan ako? hahaha!:)

Nways, we went home straight after watching the movie. Been tired that I wanted to curl myself in my bed.

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