27 March 2009

Mom's 63rd Birthday :)

Yesterday, Mom turned 63 years old. Too bad, we, her kids were not around when she celebrated it. Mom celebrated her birthday back in our hometown with Dad and my niece. Early at dawn, I called her up singing a Happy Birthday song for her. Glad she's awake that early entertaining her early morning birthday greeters. I wasn't there yesterday to celebrate it with her but I knew I'm just right inside my Mom's heart and so is she in mine too!:)

Mom, we've been through the years celebrating life amidst all the trials and difficulties but somehow we survived! The last month was even harder because it came to matter with you and your health but God is indeed good because you survived that life-threatening challenge. That incident bonded us together as a family. Seeing you survived life made me loved you even more and I promise to really take good care of you no matter what happens. Just promise me that you also take good care of yourself especially when I am not physically present to watch over you.

I love you so much Mom!:)

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