21 March 2009

Lucky Friday!

Yesterday was the start of my morning shift. It was a good working day for me even if my colleague partner was absent. As expected, I got things to be accomplished. There were also new trainees but I was glad the head nurse was the one giving the orientation to them. Things went by so smoothly that I was able to finish everything earlier. After work, I went to the mall with Donna and Cha and we ate baked spaghetti with buko pandan.:) I also bought my personal necessities inside the mall. At 7:00PM, Nelly, a closest friend from my Ateneo days, met up with me still at the mall. There, we had our dinner. Funny cos we're supposed go somewhere else and chat the night away when we both felt abdominal pains and an anticipated diarrhea! We got home on board a non-airconditioned taxi and was personally relieved when I hit the comfort room the moment I arrived. I fell off to sleep past 10:00PM.

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idealpinkrose said...

there must be something wrong with the food that you ate because both of you had that terrible stomachache.

Just hopping here for the weekend!