08 March 2009

I Still Believe In Love

"I still believe in love though it's hurting me now, I know that we'll gonna be friends again"...

Nah. It's not how I am feeling now. I just got fascinated with the way Jaya made her rendition of the said song. She made it perfectly great that it just soothes my soul whenever I get to hear it.

Pero totoo lang, the lyrics has a very nice meaning. It encourages one to never stop loving over and over again, no matter how hurting or painful love can be (whoa!). :)

Oh, that makes me encourage to love, love, and still love :)

Para di kayo mabitin, click on the Imeem song below and get to hear it yourself. La Lang, just sharing.. :)

I Still Believe In Love - JAYA

ll be alrite
i will be fine
just have to give my broken heart anuogh time
and now move on and love again and i give myself
a new beginning
things will be better that ill make sure
im never dwell on the pain im feelin
and i promise myself that when love comes back
i will be ready
i will be free
i still believe in love though its hurting me now
i know that will still be fr5iends again
i still believe in love and wish to love again and again and again
love broke my soul and its gonna be love that make me whole

there will be changes i have to live with
ill be alone but life goes on
repeat and i promise myself)

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Babette @ One at a Time said...

Hey sis, how are you na? Stressed ba? Here's something I wrote for my kids: http://www.lifetimemom.com/2009/02/mommy-moments-5-loveletters.html