07 March 2009

Francis Magalona's Blog Oozing With Thousands of Comments

Francis Magalona, the King of Philippine Rap, died yesterday at The Medical City at the age of 44. The Filipinos and the showbiz industry is now grieving for the loss of such a great actor, a rapper, a singer, a blogger, and a great person such as Francis M.

As a blogger, I became a regular visitor to his owned blog entitled A Free Mind. I have read every thoughts written in there particularly his experiences as he battled life with Leukemia.

As of this very moment, Francis M's blog has been oozing with thousands of comments, all sharing good words of wisdom unto him.

To Francis M, may you still always be filled with peace and happiness wherever you are.
You are indeed a great loss to Philippine showbiz.


Anonymous said...

francis, wherever u r, we will miss u forever. I LOVE U. ur my idol.

Anonymous said...

you inspired me a lot even the others we will treasure all the thing's you've done not only your song but also the love of our country.. love you francis...