12 March 2009

Eyes Wide Awake

Came from a graveyard shift yesterday. Turned on the TV when I got home. Surprisingly, eyes didn't shut down until in the afternoon. I got hooked watching Eat Bulaga's tribute to Francis "Kiko" Magalona. As expected, I got myself into tears especially when his kids spoke stuffs about their dad. My eyes still didn't close until in the afternoon. I even surfed on the net so my eyes would get tired. Before the break of the night, I already found myself too tired and restless, along with feeling so sleepy. I slept just as the night crawled in.

It's just amazing how I spent many hours wide awake. It's not the usual me.

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FTA- Bandit said...

Justing passing by your page today. Yes the late working hours can be hard. Thought you may like my page too. Stop by check it out. Rest awhile.