15 March 2009

Cool Days!

Hello peeps! It's Sunday once again and let me greet everyone a Happy Sunday!

The past two days were just like ordinary days. As usual, went to work on PM shifts. I was having a hard time getting myself a ride on my first PM shift duty for this week because of unstoppable rains. It rained for a day! I just packed my uniform for work and wore my civilian clothes when I got logged in. Despite the rains pouring, our stomachs have been filled with great foods courtesy of our senior/head nurse who's celebrating her birthday. Thank God, patient census did not climb up to more than 120. After work, Donna and I went to McDonalds and had our midnight snacks. Went home past 1:00AM already on that day. I slept for just four (4) hours and can't withstand the heat inside my room.

My second PM shift duty? It ran smoothly. I even got to do ward works like IV insertions. I never got myself into busy stuffs. After work, I made a quick visit to my friend Love2x who's passing the night away with her friends there. After 30 minutes, went home and slept.

I woke up today still wanting to get some sleep. However, the sun's already up and the heat is just unbeatable. Be working in a while at 3Pm, my 3rd PM shift for this rotation. I just hope things will be well this Sunday.

Have A Blessed Sunday everyone!:)

Photocredits: Hikearizona.com

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