13 March 2009

A Bad Nightmare!

I was too scared last night. I thought I was gonna die. All I could remember doing was I slept on my abdomen because I didn't want to rest my aching back on my uncomfortable mattress. I knew I slept hard when suddenly I felt I could no longer move. I was way too awake but was too weak to make any moves. My eyes even felt like it's never gonna open so wide. I felt somebody grabbed my feet. I could remember I called on our "kasambahay" who's sleeping soundly on the top deck and asked for a glass of water but she didn't hear me. I bit my ring finger so hard until it hurts. Slowly, I reached on that bottle of mineral water found inside the room. I then grabbed my rosary and prayed so hard. I felt so sleepy that I didn't even finished the rosary. I just prayed hard that I'd be guided always when I sleep.

Really, I thought I was gonna die should I failed to move and kept my eyes closed.
I just hope nightmares like this won't dare occur again!

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Kerslyn said...

yeah, kahadlok bitaw ana sis. it happened to me many times....bangungot ba tawag jan? I remember my dad said na i-move daw ang pinakamalaki mong toes and don't sleep on your back...but since you slept on your stomach, and it still happened to you, magtakilid nalang ko ani...hehehe.