25 March 2009

After Work Escapades

Lately, I realized I have become a mall's frequent visitor. After my morning shifts, one can spot me loitering along the malls. Seems like the mall is an extension of my workplace, hehehe. :) It's not that I always engage myself into shopping since I don't have that much money to spend on, I just find comfort with people I got to be with during my mall hours. Besides I don't like going home that early knowing that there's this person I hate seeing whenever I get home (urgh!).

Last Friday, I hit Gaisano Mall with nurse colleagues Donna and Cha. We just loitered along the mall, bought my toiletries, and had dinner at Sym's Gourmet. I made them explore Sym's yummy baked spaghetti along with a pitcherful Iced-Tea!:) We went home with already filled stomachs. The next day, that was Saturday, I went to the mall again after working hours with my other Donnah friend together with Love2x. We savoured Pizza Hut's 2 pizza slices for P52 along with a great tasting Avocado shake!:) We also had our McDo meals after,LOL! On that same day, I met up with Nelly, my Ateneo close friend. We had dinner inside the mall premises and had myself a taste of Bachoy. We hurriedly went home because we both got abdominal pains,LOL!:) Just the other day, I also met my highschool buddy Lea (now Mrs. Roxas) along with Aya, my inaanak. I gave Aya my long overdue Christmas gift. We loitered along the mall and bought her pairs of pajamas and shirts as my birthday gift to her.:) Later that night, I went to Regency Inn and claimed my "pasalubong" from my friend's friend who promised to give me one of Dumaguete's Best - a Sansrival made Walnuts!:) I feasted on it when I got home. Yesterday, I had the chance to loiter with Janice, another nurse colleague after working hours along San Pedro Street. Guess where we went? We went to Unitop, a shop with super low prices!:) I bought a small basket for my toiletries. We also got the chance to visit DIMDI along San Pedro Street. WHoa! Can't get my eyes off those LCD big screened TVs! Since I was craving for an ice cream, we dropped by Jollibee-Gaisano South. Too bad, I haven't eaten the whole of my choco fudge! Hahaha! Then I met my sis, Aems at Gaisano Mall (again!). I treated her @ Mandarin Tea Garden. Got myself a Chicken Chopsuey with rice for dinner while she had Siomai soup. My sis bought her oatmeal and other stuffs at the supermarket while I tiringly waited. Too bad, the cashier was quite slow! She waited for almost an hour before getting served. Today? I loitered again at the mall with nurse colleagues after our unit meeting. We had lunch @ KFC. I got myself a 1-pc Fully Loaded Meal! So yummy! The end result of my mall escapades? I gained weight! (ouch!) I may have gained weight, but I indeed had a good time for all these!

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