29 March 2009

Sari-saring Thoughts!

It's Sunday afternoon now and I can feel the afternoon heat. The air coming out from the electric fan isn't just sufficient to take all the heat am feeling. Summer na jud! I am just blogging now. I have finished one hate post which I didn't publish yet. I am just hating somebody who's pestering our lives! On the lighter side, am glad I have gotten much rest during my off days. Today's the 4th day away from work. I should have been out of town but no one is available to be with me. Friends have their duties and some friends are not available. In short, I am just staying home. I did enjoy the comforts of home though. I watch TV, I listen to music, I blog, I eat - and all those stuffs! Tomorrow? Be back in the real world na. It would be duty time again times 5 days I guess. For sure it's gonna be one of those tiring days again at work! Oh, til here na muna. I'm going to take my afternoon nap pa.

28 March 2009

Waking Up So Right! :D

I woke up quite late today. It may be a bit late but my sleep was sooo sulit! I slept for many hours. Thank God, my abdominal pain just went away. I ate my breakfast and got myself bunch of bananas too! I'd like to replace my potassium losses by eating those. When I got to see my face on the mirror, I'm glad I got rid of those eyebags na. Yehey!:) Thanks to that. Ani diay ang feeling pag stress-free!:) though I still have this one stressor at home pero ipasa-Dyos ko na lang. I still do believe in "karma". Hehehe. Til my next blog post...

Have a great Saturday peeps!

Poor Me!

Yesterday, I just stayed home. I took time to browse on some blogs and compiled some songs in my Imeem. I slept in the afternoon despite the afternoon's heat. Abdominal cramps woke me up. I thought it will just do away after a while. I turned on the television and watched Deal or No Deal's last episode with Edu Manzano and Cesar Montano as the players. The pain was just there. After a while, the pain got so intense that I found myself rushing to the comfort room. There, I poured on everything, watery stools to be exact! When I got out of the comfort room, abdominal pain was still there but it became tolerable. I drank much fluids, had my dinner and went back to my room. I went to sleep early still with abdominal pain.

A Night At The Park

Last March 26, 2009, I had a night out with my friends. We met at St. Jude Thaddeus Parish Church and since I was too late for the afternoon mass, I just lit 3 candles and prayed. We had our dinner @ Penong's - Ilustre. After dinner, we decided to visit Davao's People's Park and spent much time in there. Using my phone cam, I captured these pics:

this was on our way to "Sunken Garden". I don't exactly know why it is named as such.

Views inside the "Sunken Garden"@ People's Park. Please bear with these dark images.

More Pics taken @ People's Park!

And here are my captured memories with friends:

I really had a good time with my friends @ People's Park. We spent the rest of the night @ Jickong's - F. Torres Street.

27 March 2009

Four Days Off!

I'm having my four days off this week, yahoo!:)
At least I have the time to relax, unwind, and do things I missed doing!:)
For now, I am just listening to my newly compiled playlist @ Imeem while I munch on these banana chips I got in here.

The Young Man

HE still could feel that he's not competitive for me.
HE feels he's like a rookie having to talk with someone older than me.
HE's too straight to let me know that he wanted "us" to be together ever since.
HE dislikes lengthy conversations with me because he feels it's heading nowhere.
He wanted us to be "strangers" again.

These lines just made me speechless...

A Date With The God Daughter

my moments with my god-daughter

I had a date with my god daughter, Aya (Ma. Aeolia) last Tuesday! It was actually planned since I missed giving her my long overdue gift. Good thing her mom had an off day and agreed to meet up with me. So nice to see Aya again who at this point knows how to walk her tiny feet with support. It was fun having her during that day. I hope I will always have the chance of seeing her and her mom, with whom I built friendship with for more than two decades already. :)

Mom's 63rd Birthday :)

Yesterday, Mom turned 63 years old. Too bad, we, her kids were not around when she celebrated it. Mom celebrated her birthday back in our hometown with Dad and my niece. Early at dawn, I called her up singing a Happy Birthday song for her. Glad she's awake that early entertaining her early morning birthday greeters. I wasn't there yesterday to celebrate it with her but I knew I'm just right inside my Mom's heart and so is she in mine too!:)

Mom, we've been through the years celebrating life amidst all the trials and difficulties but somehow we survived! The last month was even harder because it came to matter with you and your health but God is indeed good because you survived that life-threatening challenge. That incident bonded us together as a family. Seeing you survived life made me loved you even more and I promise to really take good care of you no matter what happens. Just promise me that you also take good care of yourself especially when I am not physically present to watch over you.

I love you so much Mom!:)

zwani.com myspace graphic comments
Myspace Happy Birthday Graphics

Dayang Beach Resort - In My Dreams!

Dayang In My Dreams!

Our unit is very disappointed after knowing that our planned escapade/getaway will not be realized this April 18-19, 2009. Sayang ang mga plans. We already did plan everything including our contributions and the foods we need to bring. We're even more than excited and can't wait for that day to come pero things turned out differently as planned. It was mentioned that our getaway will be realized sometime in June pa, kinda matagal pa right? Now tell me is there summer in June? LOL. Much better sana kasi if it's in summer cos summer will never be fun without a beach party. Nways, hope tuloy2x na mi sa Dayang Beach Resort come June 2009!

25 March 2009

After Work Escapades

Lately, I realized I have become a mall's frequent visitor. After my morning shifts, one can spot me loitering along the malls. Seems like the mall is an extension of my workplace, hehehe. :) It's not that I always engage myself into shopping since I don't have that much money to spend on, I just find comfort with people I got to be with during my mall hours. Besides I don't like going home that early knowing that there's this person I hate seeing whenever I get home (urgh!).

Last Friday, I hit Gaisano Mall with nurse colleagues Donna and Cha. We just loitered along the mall, bought my toiletries, and had dinner at Sym's Gourmet. I made them explore Sym's yummy baked spaghetti along with a pitcherful Iced-Tea!:) We went home with already filled stomachs. The next day, that was Saturday, I went to the mall again after working hours with my other Donnah friend together with Love2x. We savoured Pizza Hut's 2 pizza slices for P52 along with a great tasting Avocado shake!:) We also had our McDo meals after,LOL! On that same day, I met up with Nelly, my Ateneo close friend. We had dinner inside the mall premises and had myself a taste of Bachoy. We hurriedly went home because we both got abdominal pains,LOL!:) Just the other day, I also met my highschool buddy Lea (now Mrs. Roxas) along with Aya, my inaanak. I gave Aya my long overdue Christmas gift. We loitered along the mall and bought her pairs of pajamas and shirts as my birthday gift to her.:) Later that night, I went to Regency Inn and claimed my "pasalubong" from my friend's friend who promised to give me one of Dumaguete's Best - a Sansrival made Walnuts!:) I feasted on it when I got home. Yesterday, I had the chance to loiter with Janice, another nurse colleague after working hours along San Pedro Street. Guess where we went? We went to Unitop, a shop with super low prices!:) I bought a small basket for my toiletries. We also got the chance to visit DIMDI along San Pedro Street. WHoa! Can't get my eyes off those LCD big screened TVs! Since I was craving for an ice cream, we dropped by Jollibee-Gaisano South. Too bad, I haven't eaten the whole of my choco fudge! Hahaha! Then I met my sis, Aems at Gaisano Mall (again!). I treated her @ Mandarin Tea Garden. Got myself a Chicken Chopsuey with rice for dinner while she had Siomai soup. My sis bought her oatmeal and other stuffs at the supermarket while I tiringly waited. Too bad, the cashier was quite slow! She waited for almost an hour before getting served. Today? I loitered again at the mall with nurse colleagues after our unit meeting. We had lunch @ KFC. I got myself a 1-pc Fully Loaded Meal! So yummy! The end result of my mall escapades? I gained weight! (ouch!) I may have gained weight, but I indeed had a good time for all these!

Looking Forward For Off Days!

I haven't updated this blog for a few days. Duty skeds for the past few days were kinda tight. I reported for work for five straight days. Imagine me waking up too early each morning for work! Really such a dilemma for me! :) However, the prize is just right.:) After tonight's duty, I'd be off for four days (yahoo!). Really need that much awaited time for rest and relaxation. :) I'd be hitting somewhere else. I need to detach myself from the hustles and bustles of my so-called busy life. Meaning? Nothing. I just deserve this kind of break for myself. :)

21 March 2009

Lucky Friday!

Yesterday was the start of my morning shift. It was a good working day for me even if my colleague partner was absent. As expected, I got things to be accomplished. There were also new trainees but I was glad the head nurse was the one giving the orientation to them. Things went by so smoothly that I was able to finish everything earlier. After work, I went to the mall with Donna and Cha and we ate baked spaghetti with buko pandan.:) I also bought my personal necessities inside the mall. At 7:00PM, Nelly, a closest friend from my Ateneo days, met up with me still at the mall. There, we had our dinner. Funny cos we're supposed go somewhere else and chat the night away when we both felt abdominal pains and an anticipated diarrhea! We got home on board a non-airconditioned taxi and was personally relieved when I hit the comfort room the moment I arrived. I fell off to sleep past 10:00PM.

19 March 2009

Guilty For Noncompliance

I was being asked to sign a noncompliance form by our nurse supervisor the last time I had my graveyard shift last Tuesday night. My offense? I didn't wear the prescribed new uniform which I really did forget! It was mentioned during last month's unit meeting that effective March 16, 2009, everyone should already be wearing the newly prescribed uniform. Too bad! I forgot to wear mine. Blame it on my being sleepless, LOL! Well, I promise I'd be wearing my uniform when I return back for work. No more old uniforms for sure!

Missing My Family Back Home

Missed my family back home. Can't wait for the day when they get back here!

Early this morning, I took the chance to initiate a phone call to my mom. Good thing, she answered right away. I asked her how she is and so Dad's condition too. Thank God, they're both okay. Nothing important to tell anyway. I was just sharing some stuffs and so was she. When asked about her medications, I was a bit disappointed and I feel guilty at some point for not telling her that she's going to have those medications for life. She only got her meds for diabetes but none left for her hypertensive disorder. I readily spoke to my dad and asked him to have mom's blood pressure checked and bought her dose of Amlodipine. Before the conversation ended, I shed a few tears. Just missing them, really!

18 March 2009

Breakfast At McDonalds

After work today, colleagues/friends and I headed to McDonald's-Bajada for our morning breakfast. I ordered their Longganisa Meal @ around P83 pesos. I supposedly like to eat French Fries too but suddenly changed my preference when I lined in to have my orders taken. I did have my stomach filled with food as I while the time away with them. We had fun chatting over our breakfast meals. Went home today shortly before 10:00AM.

And YES! It's gonna be another two days off for me (yehey!).

Addicted With Facebook!

Alright, I admit I am addicted to Facebook nowadays! Pirti!
It all just started with just a thought of becoming a member since some friends are only connected from that site. When I get to familiarize the site, I realized I have sooo much to explore about! Now I can be found playing with some games at Facebook during my free time. :)

How about you? Got an account with Facebook now? Get yourselves an account and be one of us addicted to it!:)

16 March 2009

Sleepless ME!

Today is Araw ng Dabaw. However, I couldn't feel its essence. I am just right here in front of this lappy connecting myself to the world. Yah, I am just killing my time surfing online. All I really want now is to close my eyes and get some sleep. Have been sleepless the past few hours. Only slept for two hours when I got home last night. I was just awakened with an irritating cry somewhere outside! This prevented me from getting some sleep early this morning. I should have gone out with friends last night so I could find myself drowsy and can never be bothered with any noise. However, wasn't able to grab myself an extra shirt for the said night out. Besides, I just felt tired last night.

Oh, I'd better get going. Gonna set my mood now for sleeping. I'd still be on duty tonight that's why I need this much needed sleep!

Happy Araw ng Dabaw everyone!

Earning While Blogging

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What are its benefits to advertisers?
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How one is being paid?
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15 March 2009

HIM Fooling Around?

It's not my issue here. It's about my dear girl friend who's about to get drawn to this young guy whom our friends should gotta screen yet, LOL. I just have this gut feeling that he might be taking advantage of how he's being dealt with my friend. I HEARD some buzz from a quite reliable source and all I could say was OMG! Hope my friend won't succumb from the hurts and the pains in the long run.

My only question to THAT GUY: Are you for real who deserves to be with my friend?

Cool Days!

Hello peeps! It's Sunday once again and let me greet everyone a Happy Sunday!

The past two days were just like ordinary days. As usual, went to work on PM shifts. I was having a hard time getting myself a ride on my first PM shift duty for this week because of unstoppable rains. It rained for a day! I just packed my uniform for work and wore my civilian clothes when I got logged in. Despite the rains pouring, our stomachs have been filled with great foods courtesy of our senior/head nurse who's celebrating her birthday. Thank God, patient census did not climb up to more than 120. After work, Donna and I went to McDonalds and had our midnight snacks. Went home past 1:00AM already on that day. I slept for just four (4) hours and can't withstand the heat inside my room.

My second PM shift duty? It ran smoothly. I even got to do ward works like IV insertions. I never got myself into busy stuffs. After work, I made a quick visit to my friend Love2x who's passing the night away with her friends there. After 30 minutes, went home and slept.

I woke up today still wanting to get some sleep. However, the sun's already up and the heat is just unbeatable. Be working in a while at 3Pm, my 3rd PM shift for this rotation. I just hope things will be well this Sunday.

Have A Blessed Sunday everyone!:)

Photocredits: Hikearizona.com

13 March 2009

Blog Awards

Haven't been able to grab blog awards lately that's why I never want to let go of these awards passed on by Melody.

Thank You girl for giving me all these.

Along with these awards is a tag and am also grabbing this and have it posted here.
Here's the tag:

Name 7 things that you love then pass this onto 7 other bloggers:

1. I love God, the One Most High. Without Him, I don't know how I'm gonna face life by myself.

2. I love Dad so much that's why I am always concerned about his health and his lifestyle.

3. I love Mom so much too! I always ensure that she's free from worries and I always check on her health status too!

4. I love my sis, my bro, and my niece. They're among my important people for life.

5. I love my job. It always feels good when you know they're satisfied with the services you give them.

6. I love blogging.

7. I generally love LIFE despite the trials and the storms encountered.

Now am tagging Grace, Weng, Pchi, Vien, Babette, Angel Noah, and Bojoy.

A Bad Nightmare!

I was too scared last night. I thought I was gonna die. All I could remember doing was I slept on my abdomen because I didn't want to rest my aching back on my uncomfortable mattress. I knew I slept hard when suddenly I felt I could no longer move. I was way too awake but was too weak to make any moves. My eyes even felt like it's never gonna open so wide. I felt somebody grabbed my feet. I could remember I called on our "kasambahay" who's sleeping soundly on the top deck and asked for a glass of water but she didn't hear me. I bit my ring finger so hard until it hurts. Slowly, I reached on that bottle of mineral water found inside the room. I then grabbed my rosary and prayed so hard. I felt so sleepy that I didn't even finished the rosary. I just prayed hard that I'd be guided always when I sleep.

Really, I thought I was gonna die should I failed to move and kept my eyes closed.
I just hope nightmares like this won't dare occur again!

Credit Card Buzz

Since last year, I got this idea of wanting to have my own credit card. As a supplementary card holder, I just can't exercise my every right to it since every swipe to it would mean I need to inform its principal holder. I began searching on which financial institutions to consider when applying for a credit card. I surfed online and I realized that some had bad credit credit cards histories. Oh so scary to apply with them! It's good that I have bumped into a certain site that presents comparisons of the leading credit cards in the world. Personally, I'd like to acquire a credit card which has a low interest rate so I won't be bothered much in paying high interest rates in the future.

12 March 2009

Eyes Wide Awake

Came from a graveyard shift yesterday. Turned on the TV when I got home. Surprisingly, eyes didn't shut down until in the afternoon. I got hooked watching Eat Bulaga's tribute to Francis "Kiko" Magalona. As expected, I got myself into tears especially when his kids spoke stuffs about their dad. My eyes still didn't close until in the afternoon. I even surfed on the net so my eyes would get tired. Before the break of the night, I already found myself too tired and restless, along with feeling so sleepy. I slept just as the night crawled in.

It's just amazing how I spent many hours wide awake. It's not the usual me.

10 March 2009

Life's Storms

I am sort of bothered now. I am bothered with the way things are happening. I wanted to confront the people involved but I am just too weak, too protective, and too cautious so as not to complicate situations more. But geez! everything seems to have gotten in my nerves and I am beginning to feel sick and tired of everything.. All I need now is cooperation from each individual involved.. I need cooperation, understanding, and acceptance to each fault made...


Photo credits: americanpapist.com

08 March 2009

I Still Believe In Love

"I still believe in love though it's hurting me now, I know that we'll gonna be friends again"...

Nah. It's not how I am feeling now. I just got fascinated with the way Jaya made her rendition of the said song. She made it perfectly great that it just soothes my soul whenever I get to hear it.

Pero totoo lang, the lyrics has a very nice meaning. It encourages one to never stop loving over and over again, no matter how hurting or painful love can be (whoa!). :)

Oh, that makes me encourage to love, love, and still love :)

Para di kayo mabitin, click on the Imeem song below and get to hear it yourself. La Lang, just sharing.. :)

I Still Believe In Love - JAYA

ll be alrite
i will be fine
just have to give my broken heart anuogh time
and now move on and love again and i give myself
a new beginning
things will be better that ill make sure
im never dwell on the pain im feelin
and i promise myself that when love comes back
i will be ready
i will be free
i still believe in love though its hurting me now
i know that will still be fr5iends again
i still believe in love and wish to love again and again and again
love broke my soul and its gonna be love that make me whole

there will be changes i have to live with
ill be alone but life goes on
repeat and i promise myself)

Gloomy Sunday!

It's a gloomy Sunday today. I unexpectedly woke up a bit earlier this morning. I should have slept more because I got home past 1:00AM already this morning from work but I had a hard time returning back to sleep. I instead fled to the market with our "kasambahay" and bought food stuffs for our weekly consumption. Now am back to the net again, just killing time before I hit for work this afternoon (it's gonna be my 3rd pm shift in a row).

By the way, Pop arrived today. I warned him not to drink alcoholic beverages while he's out of the house. Just hope he'd listen up to me this time.

07 March 2009

Francis Magalona's Blog Oozing With Thousands of Comments

Francis Magalona, the King of Philippine Rap, died yesterday at The Medical City at the age of 44. The Filipinos and the showbiz industry is now grieving for the loss of such a great actor, a rapper, a singer, a blogger, and a great person such as Francis M.

As a blogger, I became a regular visitor to his owned blog entitled A Free Mind. I have read every thoughts written in there particularly his experiences as he battled life with Leukemia.

As of this very moment, Francis M's blog has been oozing with thousands of comments, all sharing good words of wisdom unto him.

To Francis M, may you still always be filled with peace and happiness wherever you are.
You are indeed a great loss to Philippine showbiz.

05 March 2009

Lovin' The Day!

I'm lovin' the day today, thus making it as one of my memorable Thursdays. What makes me love my day today? Well, it just simply gave me time to rest and sleep. Just as I got home, can't really stopped from feelin' too tired. Immediately, curled myself on bed and warned them not to interrupt me sleeping. True enough, I slept for at least 3 hours and I am feelin' OK now. :)

04 March 2009

Top 5 Women Tag

I've been tagged by my friend Grace about my Top 5 Women. In fact, I got hooked to it because a tag like this rarely happens especially when it comes to your favorite peeps in the whole wide world. In this top 5 women tag, I chose persons whom I admired the most, someone influential, and someone strong enough to face LIFE.

Here's my top 5 women:

1. On top would definitely be my MOM. She's strong enough to face life's battles at work and at home. I would say that she's a good example to her colleagues in the profession because she managed to be a leader, an administrator until her retirement with only her best self, her credentials, and her leadership skills to show on. She's been plagued with intrigues, yet she managed to counteract them with humility. I knew her struggles, I knew what she went through, YET she never gave up! Those are the reasons why I love my Mom So Much!

2. My beloved Lola Urling who's no longer around in this world. I couldn't believed how she raised my dad and her other children (almost a dozen of them) and got them to become all professionals! I really saluted her for that.

3. Oprah Winfrey. I'm just amazed how she became one of the richest women alive in the world.

4. Kris Aquino. She's not the prettiest person in Philippine showbiz nor the most likeable because she got haters out there, but she really ticks the heart of the Filipinos. I just loved her being frank and her wits too! It's definitely not Kris Aquino is she's not "maarte". What could these haters do? Hehehe...

5. My friend RB (you know who you are). She's one person I look on to. She's intelligent and smart and "maprinsipyo" sa buhay. She got the drive to really pursue what she wanted. Right now she's doing a charitable work outside the country, away from family and friends even if it meant having to struggle and be satisfied with what's in there so she could survive. (To RB: hey,hope I make sense with this, lol).

The above-mentioned is the list of the top 5 women I greatly adored.
Now I am passing this tag to all my friends in the blog roll. :)

03 March 2009

Pleading For The Most Difficult

I found myself pissed off now.
Someone whom I knew way back 2005 is now pleading for help.
But the help she needs is way impossible for me to accomplish.
And I am totally pissed off!

Really! It's a hard thing to do.
I can't afford to risk my profession and my license.
I don't want to face a bad "karma" for it.

I do understand what she's been into now.
But I hope she well understands why I can't offer any help to it.

Up to now, I still am confused of what to say to her.
I won't mind if she ever gets mad at me.
As long as I stick to what I strongly believe is right and appropriate.

Gone Tired!

I've gone tired these days (again!). I bet I am not still accustomed to our 8-hour duty shift. During rest days, I tend to just sleep heavily. I sleep for hours skipping meals at times. But, still am tired. I just hope I'd get used to this work skeds we have right now.

02 March 2009

Expectant Celebrity Moms Use Beauty De Maman

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If you wanna be counted like them and experience the greatness of Beauty De Maman, please feel free to place your order now online and see a great transformation in you! What are you waiting for? Hurry, grab any of those beauty care products and see where that leads you too!


01 March 2009

Movie Time

After work yesterday, my friends and I went straight to the mall so we could watch "You Changed My Life", a John Lloyd-Sarah film. It's good that my sister tagged along with us so she could also get to watch it. As expected, theaters were jampacked with moviegoers wanting to grace the said film. In fact, we went inside earlier so we could find seats for us. After the movie, we're able to sit near the aisle comfortably.

The movie's good.:) I still am amazed with Sarah's sense of humor. And Lloydy? He's really handsome! Hats off for him for having a good face value. His acting skills did impress me too! How could one with a pretty face acts so good? Whoa, all good things are rolled into just one John Lloyd. Halata na ba na Lloydy fan ako? hahaha!:)

Nways, we went home straight after watching the movie. Been tired that I wanted to curl myself in my bed.