11 February 2009

Yet Another Family Trial

I was again out from blogging the past few days. I certainly mentioned about my mom's hospital discharge last Thursday from a previous post after having been confined for about six days and I thought I could already get my much deserved rest. However things had been mean and we underwent another trying experience in the family. Last Sunday, my dad, my niece and her mom met a vehicular accident while paving their way to our beloved hometown. I don't exactly got the details as to how it happened but all I knew was we got so terrified with the news including my mom who's still recovering from her illness. Even if I lack some sleep at that time, I went to the area where it happened (somewhere in Tibungco) with my sis and checked on them. At least the 911 had arrived when we got there. Thank God, their lives have been saved! My dad got no physical complaints except for my niece who's crying with blood stains visible in her face and shirt. Her mom had the worst condition. She got a fractured left arm with a swollen lumbar area plus a punctured wound on the forehead just like my niece. With the help of 911, we're able to rush them to the nearest tertiary hospital where I also work. I was even absent for my duty shift on that particular day to help facilitate their needs. I really felt so, so, so bad when it happened. I cried, I felt so down. However, I still need to be strong for my family. At least now, everything seems to be okay setting aside those financial concerns we have.

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