26 February 2009

My Blogs Losing Their PRs :)

I got surprised when I checked my PRs for my blogs. There's only one who's got a PR, and the others? It's PR Zero as in 0 and none at all. My reaction? I don't really care. I have already lost tons of opportunities even if I got a PR 2 before for my 2 blogs. I even didn't care to grab some even if they turned green or white in my opps list. I just become tired recently. I just grab it when I feel like grabbing it. All I knew is I just love blogging of about anything, whether it's a paid or a non-paid post. Majority of my posts now are non-sponsored making it a more personal one. However, if there would be opps meant for me, I won't hesitate to grab them (who am I to resist?). I would just like to thank those blog-to-pay sites that made me an inch richer in 2008.:)

Whoa! Ang gulo-gulo ko, LOL. Pasensya na. Puyat eh.

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