03 February 2009

Mom Is In The Hospital

Mom is in the hospital right now, confined and is well-monitored. She's been in the hospital since Thursday night. It is for that reason that I haven't been able to blog regularly these days since I watch over her when I'm free and still get to work at the same time if it's time for work. As of this moment, I am writing this post in a nearby internet cafe near the hospital. My mom's a bit okay now, has aready been weaned from using oxygen (should only use it when needed) but still needs to be transfused with two more vials of albumin.
For now I am just hoping for one thing, that my mom's health be safeguarded by GOD and that she'd continuously be paving the road to full recovery. I know this is just another trial given to us by GOD and with that, we as a family is fighting for it.
May God Bless Us More. . .


Babette said...

I hope your mom gets better soon. ingat ka rin.

benchiegrace said...

oist ness, naunsa imu mama? unsa iya sakit? btw, hope everything's well...just pray...god bless you my friend