26 February 2009

Just Nothing!:)

I've just posted my another graveyard shift story and here I am again coming from another graveyard shift, hahaha! Endless graveyard shifts, aight? :) Wala lang. I just laugh about it when the thought comes up. Like I said, I can never complain and surely, superiors won't get to hear those from me (not anymore!). At least we had a peaceful duty last night, and still wishing that it would still be as peaceful as it would tonight (am keepin' my fingers crossed for this).

Grr! I only slept for two hours. Heavy rains woke me up. I realized the stand fan was still on and this lappy was found in a chair. I immediately turned off the fan and placed this notebook on the table. Hmm, ganda ng panahon para matulog. Anlamig! For sure I'd be sleeping hours from now to recharge myself more.

Happy Rainy Thursday peeps!

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