18 February 2009

Graveyard Shifts

I was on a graveyard shift last night. Thank God! We're not that busy though 122 patients were endorsed under our care. The night passed on smoothly and I only got 6 ER admissions for the whole 8-hour shift. In short, things were done unhurriedly making sure that I did not forget anything. I personally would like to thank Doc Dexter (PGI) for being there when assistance was needed including the residents on duty. At around 4:00AM, we already started giving medications to patients. Before 6:00AM, everything seemed to be in place.

Tonight, I will be on a graveyard shift again. I know for sure that things will be done quick and easy since there will be another two (2) RNs who's going to be with us. I hope all will be well tonight and am hardly praying for it. Good night peeps!

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fidelity said...

drop ec here girl...hope your mom and dad are both doing fine..ingat lagi girl ha..hirap na...our health is important to our profession..