05 February 2009

"God Is Really Good"

"God is really good." This is what Mom has to say every time she relates about that unexpected event of getting herself into the hospital and being confined for about a week. According to her, God is really good because she really meant to be here in the city on the 29th of January before that unexpected hospital confinement a few hours after she, my dad, and my 9-year old niece arrived from our hometown. There were actually two reasons why they opted to be here on that particular day. First, they wanted to take part in my younger sister's birthday celebration on February 1st and secondly, my mom really needed to submit herself to diagnostic exams and medical checkup because she's not just feeling well the past weeks. I could still clearly recount what happened prior to her hospital admission and how she underwent such a difficulty in breathing.

I was too tired that night of January 29 and was in fact suffering from flank pain making me fell asleep right away. I really never knew what happened until I was awakened by my sister telling me that we ought to rush mom to the nearest emergency room. When I got out of the room, I could see my mom really having a difficulty in breathing. With my mom's pants unzipped and my hair unkempt, we hurriedly placed her inside our private vehicle and rush her to the hospital. While on our way, I witnessed how difficult it was for her to breathe. I taught her some breathing exercises while I held her hand. When we arrived at the ER, vital signs were taken and she was given an oxygen administration. We found out she had an increased blood pressure of 220/100mmHg. She was given anti-hypertensive meds but still her BP didn't went down. It was for that reason that she was advised for hospital admission. Later I learned her xray result revealed Bilateral Pneumonia and Left Ventricular Cardiomegaly with Pulmonary Congestion. Was glad cos antiobiotics started right away upon admission. Nebulization was also indicated for her together with anti-hypertensive and diabetic meds. On her 2nd day, she again had bouts of dyspnea (diffuculty of breathing). ABG was taken and a series of nebulizations took place. Oxygen saturation was closely monitored together with her blood sugar and blood pressure as well. She was also referred to a pulmonologist who seems to be very good in her craft just like her internist. A repeat xray was done on Monday. She also underwent albumin transfusion for four days which lasted just this afternoon prior to discharge. Thank God everything went well for her.

God is really good, right? For now, I am wishing for a more healthy life for my mom (including my dad too!). I really thank the Heavens for everything, for making us surpass this family trial.

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