21 February 2009

Cousin RNs

It was past 1:00PM yesterday when I got a text message from my paternal aunt informing me that my beloved cousin, Venus Claire Martinez passed the Nurse Licensure Exam (NLE) held last Novermber 2008. I replied joyously to the simple notification along with a text message for my dear cousin congratulating her of her recent achievement. Since I wanted to take a grasp of the NLE results, I searched more of it online. There I came to learn that two other close family relatives also made it in the NLE. I was happy knowing that Wendy Mae Apostol and Jennifer Jovilla passed the boards too!

Again, my sincerest congratulations to Venus Claire M. Martinez, RN, Wendy Mae M. Apostol, RN, and Jennifer E. Jovilla, RN! You made our families so proud of your achievements! :)

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