16 February 2009

911 Davao Rescues My Family

The people of Davao, Philippines is indeed lucky to have its own 911 system operations to answer to their emergency medical services needs, rescue operations, and even police assistance. As a hospital worker, I got used to seeing 911 ambulances transporting people needing medical assistance to the hospital where I am working at present. I got used to hearing their sirens and seeing their 911 ambulances parked in front of the hospital's emergency room. It never crossed my mind that I'd actually be dealing with 911 EMS staff when my family got into a vehicular accident a week ago.

Barely a week ago, I was so shocked with the news that my family met a vehicular accident as they went on their way to our hometown. I was glad that my dad did not panic (though he admitted he got sooo nervous when he thinks about the whole incident) and still managed to call us seeking for help. The very first thought that came into my mind was really to get in touch with 911 for rescue as I imagined how the the situation would be. Great thing there's a Good Samaritan in the area where the accident was and got the initiative to call on 911. My sister did call 911 again for a follow up. When we arrived in the area, it was filled with people. At least 911 had arrived rescuing the mom of my niece who's certainly in a bad condition. She got a fractured left arm and the 911 got it secured with a temporary bandage. She also found it difficult to move because of the severe pain she's experiencing. So glad that the 911 staff made every effort to at least make her comfortable. Another staff also took in charge of my niece who got a punctured wound on her right forehead, telling her not to sleep. When my niece's mom was placed in the ambulance, I carefully observed how they gave their first aid assistance. An IV was started. Vital signs were monitored. On a separate ambulance, there's my niece being interviewed. Thank God, she's conscious and never got drowsy though she had vomited twice (must be possible because of the trauma when I consulted a pediatrician). As soon as everything got settled, we paved our way to the hospital with the two ambulances in convoy. I was in the 911 ambulance where my niece was while my sis to the other. When we arrived in the hospital, the 911 staff quickly placed them to hospital stretchers and ushered my patients to the treatment room where the doctor would get to examine them.

In line with this, I'd like to personally thank the 911-Davao staff for the assistance they have rendered to my family members, for making their transport comfortable despite the pain they're experiencing at the time of the accident.

Last but not the least, I would like to THANK GOD for sparing the lives of my family. May You Bless My Family More with good health and love. God, You're Really The Best!

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