26 February 2009

My Blogs Losing Their PRs :)

I got surprised when I checked my PRs for my blogs. There's only one who's got a PR, and the others? It's PR Zero as in 0 and none at all. My reaction? I don't really care. I have already lost tons of opportunities even if I got a PR 2 before for my 2 blogs. I even didn't care to grab some even if they turned green or white in my opps list. I just become tired recently. I just grab it when I feel like grabbing it. All I knew is I just love blogging of about anything, whether it's a paid or a non-paid post. Majority of my posts now are non-sponsored making it a more personal one. However, if there would be opps meant for me, I won't hesitate to grab them (who am I to resist?). I would just like to thank those blog-to-pay sites that made me an inch richer in 2008.:)

Whoa! Ang gulo-gulo ko, LOL. Pasensya na. Puyat eh.

Unforgettable Perfume

Let's Talk Perfume!

I am not so fond of perfumes cos I like body sprays over them but I came to appreciate this perfume with a lasting scent which was given to me by my now US-based high school friend Ging V. When she arrived many years ago from the US, she handed me this perfume called "PINK Blushing Body Veil" which is another Victoria Secret creation. I just loved the scent of it. It's fragrance lasts longer unlike any other perfumes or body sprays. What makes it more memorable is that, it has a sentimental value to me because it was given to me by a dear friend who's definitely been treasured in my heart since the day our friendship was built.

Just Nothing!:)

I've just posted my another graveyard shift story and here I am again coming from another graveyard shift, hahaha! Endless graveyard shifts, aight? :) Wala lang. I just laugh about it when the thought comes up. Like I said, I can never complain and surely, superiors won't get to hear those from me (not anymore!). At least we had a peaceful duty last night, and still wishing that it would still be as peaceful as it would tonight (am keepin' my fingers crossed for this).

Grr! I only slept for two hours. Heavy rains woke me up. I realized the stand fan was still on and this lappy was found in a chair. I immediately turned off the fan and placed this notebook on the table. Hmm, ganda ng panahon para matulog. Anlamig! For sure I'd be sleeping hours from now to recharge myself more.

Happy Rainy Thursday peeps!

25 February 2009

On Website Hosting

I can't forget how I became excited of getting myself my own domain last year. Having my own domain would mean a more personalized site and a more personalized blog. My URL would definitely spell out my name on it without the name of a website host. Plus, more opportunities will be in store for those who stick on earning money online. However, I still didn't get my own domain until now but the interest of getting one is still there. For now, I am best interested in searching for a potential website hosting service that is not expensive but can help me navigate my very own blog.

If you're just like me who's in search of a website hosting service, feel free to browse on Webhostinggeeks.com.

22 February 2009

Work Skeds Being Revised

Lately, there's a sudden change in my skeds. Not only one revision but I should say it's a so so major revision. AND I DISLIKE IT. Why the dislike? It's because it's only me who's skeds are being majorly revised AND I GOT 2 MORE GRAVEYARD SHIFTS when I only had two left for this month. Di biro ang graveyard shifts. I still need to rest my vocals but having to work on more graveyard shifts could only mean a worsening voice for me. Hahays, it just pains me having to undergo all these. What could I do? I am just less-privileged. I can't make any demands. *sighs*

21 February 2009

Cousin RNs

It was past 1:00PM yesterday when I got a text message from my paternal aunt informing me that my beloved cousin, Venus Claire Martinez passed the Nurse Licensure Exam (NLE) held last Novermber 2008. I replied joyously to the simple notification along with a text message for my dear cousin congratulating her of her recent achievement. Since I wanted to take a grasp of the NLE results, I searched more of it online. There I came to learn that two other close family relatives also made it in the NLE. I was happy knowing that Wendy Mae Apostol and Jennifer Jovilla passed the boards too!

Again, my sincerest congratulations to Venus Claire M. Martinez, RN, Wendy Mae M. Apostol, RN, and Jennifer E. Jovilla, RN! You made our families so proud of your achievements! :)

20 February 2009

Our SmartBro ISP connection

It's been over a year since we have been served by SmartBro, our internet service provider. So far, the service gave us a good standing. Rarely, it does have a slow connection but most of the time SmartBro provides us a generally wonderful service. No wonder, a dedicated server such as our ISP didn't fail to amaze us. :)

18 February 2009

Graveyard Shifts

I was on a graveyard shift last night. Thank God! We're not that busy though 122 patients were endorsed under our care. The night passed on smoothly and I only got 6 ER admissions for the whole 8-hour shift. In short, things were done unhurriedly making sure that I did not forget anything. I personally would like to thank Doc Dexter (PGI) for being there when assistance was needed including the residents on duty. At around 4:00AM, we already started giving medications to patients. Before 6:00AM, everything seemed to be in place.

Tonight, I will be on a graveyard shift again. I know for sure that things will be done quick and easy since there will be another two (2) RNs who's going to be with us. I hope all will be well tonight and am hardly praying for it. Good night peeps!

17 February 2009

Another Pampering Session

It was unexpected that my friends and I would meet last night until we agreed to have dinner together. Love, Donna and I ate @ Penong's for dinner indulging ourselves with their famous Inato Meals and their Halaan Soup. After a very satisfying meal, we agreed to pamper ourselves on a 2-hour Firm Harmony Massage at Firm Spa- Bajada. It was past 12 midnight when I got home.
Well, this is what single ladies like us oftenly do when we're together. It's just so nice to have friends nurturing friendships. :) Great memories really count!

16 February 2009

911 Davao Rescues My Family

The people of Davao, Philippines is indeed lucky to have its own 911 system operations to answer to their emergency medical services needs, rescue operations, and even police assistance. As a hospital worker, I got used to seeing 911 ambulances transporting people needing medical assistance to the hospital where I am working at present. I got used to hearing their sirens and seeing their 911 ambulances parked in front of the hospital's emergency room. It never crossed my mind that I'd actually be dealing with 911 EMS staff when my family got into a vehicular accident a week ago.

Barely a week ago, I was so shocked with the news that my family met a vehicular accident as they went on their way to our hometown. I was glad that my dad did not panic (though he admitted he got sooo nervous when he thinks about the whole incident) and still managed to call us seeking for help. The very first thought that came into my mind was really to get in touch with 911 for rescue as I imagined how the the situation would be. Great thing there's a Good Samaritan in the area where the accident was and got the initiative to call on 911. My sister did call 911 again for a follow up. When we arrived in the area, it was filled with people. At least 911 had arrived rescuing the mom of my niece who's certainly in a bad condition. She got a fractured left arm and the 911 got it secured with a temporary bandage. She also found it difficult to move because of the severe pain she's experiencing. So glad that the 911 staff made every effort to at least make her comfortable. Another staff also took in charge of my niece who got a punctured wound on her right forehead, telling her not to sleep. When my niece's mom was placed in the ambulance, I carefully observed how they gave their first aid assistance. An IV was started. Vital signs were monitored. On a separate ambulance, there's my niece being interviewed. Thank God, she's conscious and never got drowsy though she had vomited twice (must be possible because of the trauma when I consulted a pediatrician). As soon as everything got settled, we paved our way to the hospital with the two ambulances in convoy. I was in the 911 ambulance where my niece was while my sis to the other. When we arrived in the hospital, the 911 staff quickly placed them to hospital stretchers and ushered my patients to the treatment room where the doctor would get to examine them.

In line with this, I'd like to personally thank the 911-Davao staff for the assistance they have rendered to my family members, for making their transport comfortable despite the pain they're experiencing at the time of the accident.

Last but not the least, I would like to THANK GOD for sparing the lives of my family. May You Bless My Family More with good health and love. God, You're Really The Best!

Finally Got More Hours of Sleep!

I was super "pagod" yesterday that when I arrived home after work at 10:00AM I immediately hit my bed still in my uniform. My intention really was to rest for a while and raised my legs before going to the bathroom. It was after two hours when I woke up realizing that I was still wearing my hospital uniform. I ate my lunch at 1:30PM then devoted some time to watch TV (this is what I really missed the most when am home!). After a few hours, I slept again until dawn when I got the urge to pee. When I woke up this morning at 7:00AM, I was told I didn't take my dinner no matter how they tried to wake me up. Well at least I tried to recharge my physical energies which were really exhausted for the past few days.. Guess I'd still be sleepin more when I can. :)

14 February 2009

Valentine's Day '09

Today is just like any ordinary day though some might consider it as a very special one. If not for our meeting, I wouldn't have to save this date for it. At least I still got the chance to eat @ Kuya Ed's Restaurant together with my LHC mates making me feel V-Day's essence, LOL!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

11 February 2009

Yet Another Family Trial

I was again out from blogging the past few days. I certainly mentioned about my mom's hospital discharge last Thursday from a previous post after having been confined for about six days and I thought I could already get my much deserved rest. However things had been mean and we underwent another trying experience in the family. Last Sunday, my dad, my niece and her mom met a vehicular accident while paving their way to our beloved hometown. I don't exactly got the details as to how it happened but all I knew was we got so terrified with the news including my mom who's still recovering from her illness. Even if I lack some sleep at that time, I went to the area where it happened (somewhere in Tibungco) with my sis and checked on them. At least the 911 had arrived when we got there. Thank God, their lives have been saved! My dad got no physical complaints except for my niece who's crying with blood stains visible in her face and shirt. Her mom had the worst condition. She got a fractured left arm with a swollen lumbar area plus a punctured wound on the forehead just like my niece. With the help of 911, we're able to rush them to the nearest tertiary hospital where I also work. I was even absent for my duty shift on that particular day to help facilitate their needs. I really felt so, so, so bad when it happened. I cried, I felt so down. However, I still need to be strong for my family. At least now, everything seems to be okay setting aside those financial concerns we have.

07 February 2009

Lake Agco Weekend Getaway

This is actually a long overdue post since it happened weeks ago but it's better late than never that's why am making a post about it now. Well, my circle of friends did plan last year that we will have an out-of-town trip January of this year in celebration of Donnah's birthday. We agreed to have it on a weekend, thus making me excited for the trip. I even made some arrangements with my work skeds. Originally, the plan was to spend her birthday in a certain beach resort in General Santos City but later decided we hit Lake Agco Resort in Kidapawan City. So everything was planned prior to our departure.

Last January 10, 2009 at around 1:00PM, 5 of us hit the road bound for Kidapawan City aboard Donna's (our another friend, not the celebrant) Kia car with Gio as our driver,hehe. I was awake the whole time during the trip since it was my first time to set foot in Kidapawan City.We had junk foods to have something to eat during the trip. It took 2 hours before finally reaching Kidapawan City. We stopped over at Davao Central Warehouse so we could buy all the things needed. When we were all set, we finally moved on with the trip heading to Lake Agco Resort in Ilomavis, Kidapawan City, just before PNOC. Roads have become bumpy as we went along the way. It was raining lightly too making our friend driver slowed down since the roads have become wet while we have gone cam whoring inside the car. I can't remember how many hours were consumed just to be on our way to the top with our small cute car. Funny cos nobody in the group knew where exactly is the appropriate road that will take us there. Thank God we're able to ask some residents in every barrio we passed through. It was almost dark when we reached Lake Agco Resort. It was still raining lightly while we got all our things inside the car, went to the main entrance, paid our fees, and finally decided to get a room. Yes, it was really super duper cold and we're like freezing that's why we opted a room instead of an open cottage. When we finally became settled inside the room (the room that costs 500php), we got all our foods prepared by the birthday celebrant and laid them on the table. We got many foods to consume LOL. Sobra, sobra jud! We got spaghetti, pancit, lumpia shanghai,patatim, and a whole lot of junk foods to keep us alive,hahaha! Since it was too cold because we're located at the foot of Mount Apo, we just had some music tripping, a few sips of wine, picture taking, and silly conversations. We slept early with five of us in just one small bed positioning vertically so all of us can fit in. It was great I brought my "malong" with me because it was way too cold in there. I closed my eyes past 10:00PM and off to dreamland. We woke up early so we could make the most of our stay at Agco. Bread and coffee went fine with us as our breakfast, thus helping us beat the cold temperature too! It was before 7:00AM when we decided to go to Jacuzzi Steam and Spa in a nearby area to explore the place. Entrance fee is only an affordable 10 pesos for each who wants to enter and explore the area. As we went inside, we have gone cam whoring right away. Here are the pics we got:

We had a first glimpse of the Hot Jacuzzi pool but we decided to explore more before we hit the hot waters. There, we had the chance to pose at the Sauna Cave. It was really hot inside. We were told that the waterflowing is enough to make a hard boiled egg,LOL! I just can't bear inhaling the smoke that's why I didn't stay longer inside. Then we headed to up to the trail. We're supposed to go the mud pool but unfortunately it wasn't open for the public. At least we got to appreciate the foggy area. See them behind those?
After that we're supposed to be back to the Hot Jacuzzi pool to pamper ourselves with its warm water however we got a sign pointing to where the waterfalls is located. Because of such eagerness to get a glimpse of that body of water, we headed down just following the not-so-clear trail despite the mud, the dirt and everything. It was a hard way walking and following on the trail. I almost missed my grip on the roots of big trees. My slippers were stuck with mud. However, it was all worth the effort when we reached there. We really had fun bathing under the falls.

We're like silly little kids jumping like there's no tomorrow. We also took a lot of pics with excitement obviously drawn in our faces. Since we only got a few more hours left, we agreed to go back, up where the hot jacuzzi pool is located. Returning back was much easier. We even went up fast that when we're finally up to the top, I was palpitating, seeking for more air to breathe in. There was that adrenaline rush but it gave me a very uncomfortable feeling. I even thought I'd go on hyperventilating. I rested for a few minutes while they waited for me. Still, I was able to smile in the pics despite having the palpitations I got. On our way back, we immediately went to the hot jacuzzi pool and had gone bathing. We took pictures again (plenty actually!).

Since it's almost time to go home, we went back to the resort. We supposedly like to take a dip on the cold pool but we're feelin cold again. Besides, we need to check out before lunchtime. We took pictures instead and went back to the cottage, taking turns in taking a bath while we prepared for our trip back home. We left the resort past 10:00AM plying the same route. Now, going back was much easier again cos we no longer have to trudge to the top. Instead, all roads are heading down to the city proper. Along the way, we took some pictures too. It wasn't a long trip no more since we exactly hit Kidapawan City in less than an hour. It was past noontime when we reached the city. We searched for places where we could eat for lunch. Good thing, a friend of mine suggested we check on "Sariling Atin" at Kidapawan Country Club. It's a good thing we did not have a hard time to locate the place. There we filled our stomachs with sinigang and beef steak. Right after lunch, we headed back home. But before leaving totally, we took a pose on one of Kidapawan's landmarks. After taking some pics, off we went back home. I was asleep for more than an hour along the way. We reached Davao City late afternoon at around 3:00PM I think. Well, I really had a good time during that weekend getaway with friends. Sa uulitin!:)

06 February 2009

Just Sharing!

Woke up still a bit tired. If only I could have the chance to sleep all day then I would. However, I need to attend to my needs and also my mom's. I make sure she's taking all the home medications required of her. Today, we're off to see an eye doctor. She wants her eyes checked since it's also giving her a headache at times. Gotta hurry now. Still need to report for work at 3:00PM.

Have a great Friday everyone!

05 February 2009

"God Is Really Good"

"God is really good." This is what Mom has to say every time she relates about that unexpected event of getting herself into the hospital and being confined for about a week. According to her, God is really good because she really meant to be here in the city on the 29th of January before that unexpected hospital confinement a few hours after she, my dad, and my 9-year old niece arrived from our hometown. There were actually two reasons why they opted to be here on that particular day. First, they wanted to take part in my younger sister's birthday celebration on February 1st and secondly, my mom really needed to submit herself to diagnostic exams and medical checkup because she's not just feeling well the past weeks. I could still clearly recount what happened prior to her hospital admission and how she underwent such a difficulty in breathing.

I was too tired that night of January 29 and was in fact suffering from flank pain making me fell asleep right away. I really never knew what happened until I was awakened by my sister telling me that we ought to rush mom to the nearest emergency room. When I got out of the room, I could see my mom really having a difficulty in breathing. With my mom's pants unzipped and my hair unkempt, we hurriedly placed her inside our private vehicle and rush her to the hospital. While on our way, I witnessed how difficult it was for her to breathe. I taught her some breathing exercises while I held her hand. When we arrived at the ER, vital signs were taken and she was given an oxygen administration. We found out she had an increased blood pressure of 220/100mmHg. She was given anti-hypertensive meds but still her BP didn't went down. It was for that reason that she was advised for hospital admission. Later I learned her xray result revealed Bilateral Pneumonia and Left Ventricular Cardiomegaly with Pulmonary Congestion. Was glad cos antiobiotics started right away upon admission. Nebulization was also indicated for her together with anti-hypertensive and diabetic meds. On her 2nd day, she again had bouts of dyspnea (diffuculty of breathing). ABG was taken and a series of nebulizations took place. Oxygen saturation was closely monitored together with her blood sugar and blood pressure as well. She was also referred to a pulmonologist who seems to be very good in her craft just like her internist. A repeat xray was done on Monday. She also underwent albumin transfusion for four days which lasted just this afternoon prior to discharge. Thank God everything went well for her.

God is really good, right? For now, I am wishing for a more healthy life for my mom (including my dad too!). I really thank the Heavens for everything, for making us surpass this family trial.

Finally We're Home!

We just got back home two hours ago after a week of spending much time in the hospital because of my mom's confinement. It's really good to be home with mom recovering from her illness. Thank God for taking good care of my mom and to all friends and well-wishers, thanks so much! I feel lighter now and I also thank GOD for it.

03 February 2009

Mom Is In The Hospital

Mom is in the hospital right now, confined and is well-monitored. She's been in the hospital since Thursday night. It is for that reason that I haven't been able to blog regularly these days since I watch over her when I'm free and still get to work at the same time if it's time for work. As of this moment, I am writing this post in a nearby internet cafe near the hospital. My mom's a bit okay now, has aready been weaned from using oxygen (should only use it when needed) but still needs to be transfused with two more vials of albumin.
For now I am just hoping for one thing, that my mom's health be safeguarded by GOD and that she'd continuously be paving the road to full recovery. I know this is just another trial given to us by GOD and with that, we as a family is fighting for it.
May God Bless Us More. . .