16 January 2009

Relaxation On A Rainy Thursday (January 15 '09)

Contrary to my previous post (About Feeling Blue), I was happy just relaxing myself yesterday.

Despite the rainy and cold weather, I left home past 4:00PM dressed in a long-sleeved black blouse on my way to be with friends and be one with the people in celebrating the feast of Señor Sto. Niño at the Holy Infant of Prague Shrine. We hit the place in time for the 5:00PM mass. I was delighted seeing the Holy place jampacked with people from all walks of life. We didn't even find seats for us. We heard mass just standing with the crowd. We didn't get the chance to visit the Adoration chapel because of too many people wanting to get inside. We left the place in time for dinner and decided to visit Jack's Ridge Restaurant which is located nearby.

taken at Jack's Ridge entrance

taking a pose with Lumad statues as our background

a pose just beneath the still-standing Christmas Tree

We simply enjoyed the breathtaking view overlooking downtown Davao at night. We ate at Kai's Bar and got Pork Sinigang, half kilo Jack's Ridge Fried Chicken and Shanghai Rice for dinner. I myself has gotten my stomach full! After a few songs rendered by the acoustic guitarist/singer who performed at Kai's Bar, we left the place. To combat the freezing feeling we felt, we headed to BluGre cafe at Matina Town Square (MTS) and chatted for more than an hour over a cup of coffee. Before we left home, we pampared ourselves with Foot, Hand, and Back Massage in a certain parlor located inside the vicinity of MTS.

waiting to be pampered with a soothing massage

taken after back massage was done

our joyous faces after a satisfying back massage

We called it a day of fun and relaxation as we went home almost midnight. As expected, I got a very good night sleep last night...


Stev&Emz said...

wow! seems like a great day! yan ang mga namimis ko dyan sa Davao, People, great food, places to hangout, friends.. diri? murag kalagkalag.. hehehe.. maslabaw pa sa kalagkalag. lol

arlene said...

sure would love to ex links with you, let me know once u have added me:)