26 January 2009

Recreation Sunday!

It was Sunday yesterday. I slept right away when I got home after work. After 5 hours, I woke up. I hurriedly prepared myself for a Sunday mass since I promised to hear mass on that day. I arrived @ Saint Jude Thaddeus Parish Church at 5:00PM. I was late since I already arrived in time for the gospel. I didn't bother arriving late cos what's important for me is I could be able to hear God's words and the communion itself. The mass ended before 6:00PM. Love2x and I first went to Gaisano South and bought chocolates to have something to munch on. At 6:00PM, we went to Gaisano Mall where Donna was waiting for us. We met at Smart Wireless Center while I paid for my Smart Bro bill. We had dinner at KFC after our transactions with Smart. We had a nice conversation over a sumptuous meal. Since we decided not to go home yet, we went to Jickong's at F. Torres Street passing the time just chatting. I had a blast chatting with them with good music to keep us company. I went home late. It was indeed a night worthy to be treasured cos I had a great time with my friends. :)

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