27 January 2009

Out On A Monday

I was out yesterday. Donna and I met up since we need to buy a piece of clothing necessary for our work uniform. We agreed we buy it at NCCC-R. Magsaysay since we can have a cheaper price for it. True enough, we did get a 10% discount when we bought 10 meters all in all for both of us. We spent the rest of the day doing some window shopping inside. We feasted our eyes on variety of furniture styles. It was already 7:00PM when we got out of the store premises and headed to the night market at Chinatown. There are good finds but some have slight defects on it. We even went inside the newly opened 168 store, just like the 168 store in Manila. With our feet getting tired from walking and standing too long, we decided to eat for dinner. We ate @ Chickie's and Patties along C.M. Recto Street. We headed home before 10:00PM. I slept right away as soon as I got home.

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