04 January 2009

A Nagging Boyfriend

Can't help but blog about this nagging boyfriend I used to sit beside with in a public utility vehicle. He's such a shame in the male populace. Here goes the story:

I was on my way to NCCC Mall when I happened to find a seat beside this young couple inside a PUJ. Unmindful of what they're talking about, I simply enjoyed the sights we passed through on our way to the mall. All of a sudden, this young guy flared up with an angry voice loud enough to be heard by everybody inside the vehicle. He talked incessantly to his girlfriend confronting the girl about becoming childish in their relationship. He blurted out even the girl's behavior in a previous relationship and pointed out that it must have been the reason why his girlfriend's exboyfriend left her. The girlfriend remained silent and was sobbing. The silly boyfriend really had lost his temper because he even fought with the conductor of the vehicle when this poor conductor couldn't give him his change for that 100-peso bill he handed for their fares.

Whatta shame really! Why can't he get a place for them to talk? When they left, co-passengers can't stop talking about the incident we have witnessed. We felt sorry for the girl who's got a nagging boyfriend.

Had I been into that situation, I'd really leave him and walk out of the scence he's creating.


Babette said...

You're right, leave that guy and ran away fast! Akala ko naman may BF ka na.

SearchingWellness said...

Hmmmm... question is, did girlfriend still stick it out with him after that incident? Not a husband material at all.

Susie McCray said...

That dude had a major problem. Now if she had been nagging him like that in public, he would have been going off on her. I hope she got away from him because he sounds like a brainwasher.