24 January 2009

My Friend Cathy O

I knew my nurse friend Cathy O way back when I was still working as an HRD Staff in a big wholesale-retail business here in Davao. She was once our company nurse and we're in the same department. It must be a career move for after she was assigned to another mall branch in Tagum. Years passed and now I got the same noble career she has. I was too surprised when I learned she's gonna be with us in the unit. When I saw her for the first time in December 2008, I hurriedly embraced her after long years of not seeing her. There, we started to chat until I learned some good things didn't last for her. She's now almost 5 years separated from his hubby. She's still happy though. It was yesterday when we really got the chance to be together in one shift. We chatted still while busily engaging ourselves with our tasks. Thank God she waited for me until I finished everything. We spent hours chatting as we hit Penong's for our dinner. It was indeed a pleasure to be with my friend Cathy O again. :)

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