21 January 2009

Good Bye Water Bottle!

I was water-less the whole time while on duty last night. As far as I can remember, I only got a glass of one and a half-full before 12 midnight. Well, I did bring my plastic water bottle with me with almost a liter of water in it. However, my water bottle wasn't destined to live longer with me. This careless student (he really is!) affiliating with our hospital ended everything! He was left unnoticed somehow returning the BP apparatus above the fridge when suddenly we all heard a loud BLAG! We got his attention after a loud crash was heard. Seeing him picking up the broken blue-colored plastic water bottle with spills on the floor, I realized it was mine. My first thought about it? I said to myself he was one hell of a careless guy! He never even spoke anything, not even a simple apology for it! *hahayz* Giantusan pa naman to nako'g palit sa SM... Giantusan pa jud to nako'g dala dala kada duty.. :(

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