18 January 2009

Friends Tying The Knot Very Soon

You read it right! Two friends whom I've known way back in nursing school will tie the knot on different dates.

Aris D, a male friend will get married this January 24, 2009, Saturday, to his girlfriend Jenny C. It must really be a love made for each other because even if most of the time they're physically away from each other because of Aris working in Dubai, still the relationship became that strong. Now, Aris is finally home to fulfill his promise of being one with Jenny C. on the 24th.

A close friend of mine, Leslie D, will also tie the knot with his highschool sweetheart Jason this coming February 19, 2009, the same day the soon-to-be-bride will be celebrating her 29th birthday. After more than a decade of being together as a couple, they finally decided to exchange marriage vows on the 19th of February. I have been a witness as to how they greatly love each other and now I am more than excited to become a part of their upcoming wedding ceremony.

With their weddings being set and are about to be solemnized before GOD and men, I only have this to say:

I hope my friends' marriages will last a lifetime. :)


Ylan said...

hi Marie,
mao lagi, nagminyo na tanang taw, ako na lang ang wala pa! lol! :D

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Ylan said...

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