16 January 2009

Feeling BLUE :(

Yesterday, I greeted my loved-ones with a warm "Viva Pit Señor" while I was attending a late afternoon mass with friends at the Holy Infant of Prague Shrine along Matina Shrine Hills despite a rainy and a cold weather. In times like this when I get to see families got together in mass celebrations, I often miss my family back home. I was actually expecting a message from them after sending my greetings. To no avail, I got no reply. This morning, I called up. There I knew there's something wrong (again!). I never spoke much during the whole phone conversation. Instead, I just listened. After a few minutes, I said goodbye making an alibi that I'll still be taking my breakfast.

When I hung up the phone, I feel bad and blue. I feel guilty for not being around back home. I feel guilty for not being able to watch over them.

If only I am supergirl so I could fly back home anytime I want to
If only I am rich so there's no way for us to be physically separated from each other and give them all the comforts I could offer
If only I could do magic so I could bring my hometown closest to our home here
Perhaps, all else will be in place and I don't have to worry no more.

For now, I wish and pray that all will finally be settled. I guess understanding is what we all need and I pray that may we all be equip more with such.

And last but not the least, I hope we all can be happier despite the limitations we have.

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