22 January 2009

The Fearful Sleepless Soul

I positioned myself to bed last night since I intended to get a good night sleep when at around 10:30PM I heard a very loud BOOM! The first boom was followed intermittently by another with a successive noise comparable to gun sounds. These made my heart beat faster. I thought it was only me who heard all these when I heard my sis knocked on my room. I let her inside, spoke softly with each other, and decided to stay in my room for the night. Such incident made me thought of something different - that there must be a conflict somewhere near us. The noise kept pestering me until almost 1:00AM. Since I was moderately anxious, I had exchanged a few text messages with my friend who happened to be awake while I was battling my fear. After an hour of becoming noiseless, where I could only hear the snore of my brother in a nearby room, I hurriedly covered myself with a blanket praying that it won't occur again. I also prayed that I would have a sound sleep away from fear. Thank God, I was able to sleep for 3 hours. I was awakened with my sis slipping slowly outside of my room.

What a terrible fear I got last night! It gave me a first thought of an impending war. This morning, my sister informed me that the bombs and the gun sounds we heard last night were part of an undergoing training. Damn! How can these people do such training at night? IT'S NOT FUNNY AT ALL! These have got fears on me and I knew the villagers also felt the same way.

Photo credits: Elfwood.com


Keith said...

I am glad you are alright. I know when uncertainty has kept me awake, and the inability to get answers, to know what is going on .

I pray this does not happena again.

Take care.

benchiegrace said...

hi girl, agi lang ko...musta naman?


Marie said...

@ keith: yep,i was alright when it happened though but oh boy, it really scared me to the bones!:) Thanks for droppin at my site.. :)

@grace: girl!:) thanks for visiting and for droppin comments on my posts:)