05 January 2009

Complicated Life

Whenever our family has to undergo life's trials and challenges, I used to think of them as the worst that could ever happen. I always burst silently into tears when that happens. When I reached home this morning, I realized that the stories of those I rode with inside the PUJ has more complicated lives than our very own. I can't just imagine how this woman I sat beside with manage to take everything. Being somebody who has a heart problem, she still takes time to tend to her grandson who grew up with her since the son's father died. The widowed woman's daughter remarried again and got a total of seven children in her late 20s and you could just imagine how can they carry on with surviving life for day with more mouths to feed. Hearing the woman loudly relating her stories inside the utility vehicle, I can feel what's inside her heart. She's getting old and yet she still responsibly attends to her grandchildren and her married children with only a little cash saved.

If I were in her shoe, I know I'd be having a hard time to combat all these.
I am just lucky, and in fact inches more luckier because I am not her.

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